If you've been reading ComicsAlliance's regular Best Art Ever (This Week) features, you've probably noticed that Dan Hipp, artist of Amazing Joy Buzzards and Gyakushu, has become a regular fixture, and with good reason. Every time he updates his website, it's a new piece of art that's phenomenally awesome.

In fact, he's done so much incredible work lately that rather than parceling them out one at a time, we've gathered up our favorites in one big shot of expressive, kinetic art featuring Batman, Spider-Man, Superman, the X-Men, Harry Potter and more!One of the best things Hipp's been doing lately are portraits of heroes flanked by headshots of their villains, like this one for Superman, featuring the Animated Series incarnations of his villains:

He also drew Spider-Man along the same lines, although I'm not sure if the lady in the drawing is Mary Jane, Gwen Stacy, or -- in keeping with the villainous theme -- Silver Sable, the Black Cat, or Kraven the Hunter's formerly fauxhawked daughter. It could be that Hipp just felt like drawing a pretty girl framed by Spider-Man, which I have absolutely no problem with:

For the X-Men, Hipp took a slightly different route. Instead of the villains, he drew a heaping handful of Professor X's heroic students from over the years, including an incredibly Rod Stewartesque Longshot:

Speaking of the X-Men and pretty ladies, "A Haircut For Emma Frost" features a pretty chilly reaction to a deadpanning Cyclops:

As one last X-Men related piece, Hipp's got this incredible mixture of propaganda and sci fi movie poster featuring Magneto, the Mutant Menace! And really, considering he founded something that he called the "Brotherhood of Evil Mutants," that dude had to see this coming:

Hipp's portrait of Dr. Doom is another great villain drawing, as much for the dramatic lighting as Hipp's signature incorporation of his lettering:

With this drawing of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Hipp captures why my entire generation grew up thinking it was totally okay to throw pizza into the air and jump through the resulting (delicious) shower of slices while waving around sharp, pointy objects:

Hipp doesn't limit himself to only drawing pieces inspired by comics, though. He's done some incredible movie mashups and pieces inspired by other media, like his depiction of Harry Potter battling Lord Voldemort:

Also, his version of a scene from The Dark Knight, featuring the Joker's curly balloon and the addition of an awesome sound effect:

And finally, we return to the pretty ladies with a look at the unintended consequences of a Superman/Flash race. As CA's Laura Hudson put it, it's not just a fun, sexy drawing, it's also a handy guide on how to put together an outfit:

For more, be sure to check out Hipp's website, which not only boasts larger versions of his art, but also has links to where you can buy the originals!