It's been about 21 years since I've been this excited about a single page of comics, but Dan McDaid's one-page Wild West team-up with Hellboy and Ghost Rider is the best thing I've seen all day:

Sadly, it's not an official project. McDaid -- the artist of Image's excellent"Jersey Gods" -- did it purely for his own enjoyment, and the fact that everyone else can enjoy it too is just a happy side effect. Check out the whole page and a quick conversation with McDaid after the jump!

When I asked McDaid about how he decided to go with a full-on sequential page of Hellboy and Ghost Rider, he said it was about like I expected: It just seems cool:

"I've always loved Hellboy and had a soft spot for Ghost Rider, who's simultaneously terrifying and goofy. And I'm playing a lot of Red Dead Redemption at the moment, so it all seemed like a good mix. And I wanted to show off my skillz a bit as well: Writing, drawing, colouring. Although I've done a lot of writing for 'Doctor Who Magazine,' almost none of it is seen in the US, so I wanted to write a little something as well.

I'd have liked to have got Doctor Who in there as well, somehow. Really bust those copyrights. How did Hellboy end up in the Old West? The answer: TARDIS."

He added that now that he was done with the one page, he actually wanted to write the rest of the story, so seriously, Marvel, Dark Horse, as an expert on Great Comics that Haven't Happened, trust me: this would be awesome.

You can see an even bigger version of the page, as well as other awesome pieces, on McDaid's blog, or catch new art from him (almost) every week at Comic Twart!