Kevin Keller is moving to the big city! The popular gay Archie Comics character has a new digital first series, Life with Kevin, in which he's out of college and has a new apartment and a new job in New York City. The book is both written and pencilled by Kevin's creator, Dan Parent, with inks by J. Bone, and in an unusual move the art is black and white with blue accents, giving it a unique look within the Archie line. You can check out a preview below!

Life with Kevin has its own timeline outside of regular Archie, reboot Archie, or Life with Archie continuities. This version of Kevin Keller has just completed a journalism degree and is newly arrived in New York City to start an exciting new job at a TV station. He also has a new, more mature look, with shaggier hair and some beard scruff.

In the preview, we see his family visiting his new apartment, and they're not very impressed with the mice and the whole "toilet in the kitchen" situation, but frankly, I think he's doing pretty good if his just-out-of-college job is paying enough for any sort of NYC apartment without roommates.




Here's the official word from Archie Comics:

LIFE WITH KEVIN will explore Kevin's life after high school and college as he ventures beyond the cozy confines of Riverdale and into a new world of challenges and opportunities in the big city.
Longtime KEVIN KELLER writer/artist Dan Parent will resume those duties for the much-anticipated digital-first series with Eisner Award-nominated inker J. Bone (Batman/The Spirit) to bring Kevin and his new friends to life for a whole new readership.
"The appeal of the project was to make Kevin out of his teenage years and jump a few years into the future to open up a new storyline for Kevin," says Parent. "If you want to read a fun story about a young guy in NYC that’s mixed with laughs, drama, romance and fun, this story is for you."
While the series promises to explore the world beyond Riverdale, Kevin's BFF Veronica will be making her presence known along with a few new additions to Kevin's supporting cast.


Life with Kevin comes out digitally on June 22, and will be available via the Archie mobile app and other digital platforms.


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