There may be a long, dark winter ahead of us before the summer 2011 debut of TNT and executive producer Steven Spielberg's alien invasion drama Falling Skies, but starting Monday, the network and Dark Horse Comics will help bridge the gap with a bi-weekly webcomic by Paul Tobin and Juan Ferreyra that fleshes out a world torn asunder by monsters from another world.

We've got an exclusive first look at the new webcomic after the jump.Debuting on Monday at Dark Horse and TNT's official websites, the comic follows the 12 page Falling Skies comic that dropped during last month's New York Comic con and catches fans up on Tom Mason (played on the show by Noah Wyle) and his family's battle against invading aliens and the subsequent kidnapping of one of their own.

Hit the jump for our exclusive 2-page preview of the Falling Skies webcomic's first installment, along with an exclusive featurette detailing its creation at Dark Horse.

Check out our exclusive previews below:

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