Here's the problem with living in a place called "The Drowning City." Actually, strike that --- you can probably guess most, if not all of the problems with living there just from the name. Like, say, the fact that the city itself is drowning, which means that there are a whole lot of citizens who are also being dropped into a watery grave. But, on the bright side, I imagine that means there are a whole lot of cheap apartments you can check out if you bring your own SCUBA equipment.

Really, though, there's a much bigger problem facing Joe Golem in the pages of Joe Golem #5, the last issue of the miniseries from Mike Mignola, Christopher Golden and Patric Reynolds that ties into their illustrated novel of the same name, and that problem is... Zombies. Lots and lots of waterlogged zombies that are dead set (ha) on taking out the living. Check out a preview below!




It's not all bad, though. They're not under water, so they could definitely be in a much worse situation. I gotta say, if you absolutely have to fight zombies, it's probably best to do it in a room full of sharp objects and dudes who know jiu-jitsu.

Here's the official solicitation:


Joe Golem #5 (of 5)
Mike Mignola (W), Christopher Golden (W), Patric Reynolds (A), Dave Stewart (C), and Dave Palumbo (Cover)
On sale Mar 2
FC, 32 pages
When a Drowning City millionaire’s plan to reunite with his dead family goes terribly wrong, Joe Golem and Simon Church rush to reverse his spell before the city is taken over by drowning victims come back to life.