Owing to a bad case of motion sickness that leaves me physically incapable of playing a first-person shooter for more than thirty seconds, I haven't been able to check out Overwatch for myself. That said, I'm not far enough under the rock that I'm not aware of it, and just seeing the character designs and the incredible amount of fanart that it's generated since its release in May has made me want to learn a whole lot more about it.

Fortunately for me --- and for the people who do play the game and want to know more about the story behind all the shooty action --- Dark Horse and Blizzard have announced a partnership that's going to bring all manner of Overwatch content to your local comic book store, including an art book and an original graphic novel.

Here's the official word from Dark Horse:

Dark Horse has already begun republishing a series of free digital comics by Blizzard Entertainment that further illuminate the characters and world of Overwatch. A number of eight-page digital comics are already available through Dark Horse’s digital comics platforms, with more currently in production and slated for release in the future.

A hardcover original Overwatch graphic novel has been slotted for release in April 2017. This brand-new entry in the Overwatch canon will contain one hundred pages of sequential artwork telling the story of the original Overwatch strike team.

Summer 2017 will see the release of The Art of Overwatch, a stunning collection of never-before-seen concept art from the critically acclaimed game. Stay tuned for more details regarding The Art of Overwatch.

It's worth noting that creative teams for the OGN have not been announced, but with nine more months until it's out, there's plenty of time for more news --- and given that the teams for the currently available digital comics have included creators like Andrew Robinson, Robert Brooks, Bengal, Jeffrey “Chamba” Cruz, Matt Burns, and Nesskain, they have plenty of choices when it comes to putting out the next thing.


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