On sale now is Dark Horse Presents #6, the latest issue of Dark Horse's prestigious anthology series. Featuring no distracting advertisements, the 80-page book contains material by such reliably entertaining comics creators as Robert Love, Peter Hogan, Carla Speed McNeil, Filipe Melo, Neal Adams, Steve Niles and David Walker. Among the stories in the latest issue are a new works by Daytripper and Casanova's Fabio Moon, plus new episodes of Beasts of Burden by Evan Dorkin and Jill Thompson and Andi Watson's popular Skeleton Key.

You can check out a six-page preview after the cut.Described by ComicsAlliance's David Brothers as having what comics fans need whether they know it or not, Dark Horse Presents' greatest asset is its diversity. "A diverse line-up can draw in fans from several different directions," wrote Brothers. "Diverse anthologies are opportunities to discover new creators or series, too. The relaunch of Dark Horse Presents... has been particularly good to me on that front, giving me a chance to discover classic series that I never got around to reading and learn about new, and talented, creators."

Dark Horse Presents is available in print or online in the Dark Horse Digital store. Digital issues come out one month after the print release, but at half the cover price. Check out a preview of DHP #6 below. The print edition is on sale now in finer comics shops.

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