As a publisher known for both its high-profile movie licenses like "Star Wars" and horror comics like "Creepy," Dark Horse is in a unique position to straddle the line between the two. That's why DH's new deal with Hammer Films, makers of some of the most iconic horror movies form the '50s and '60s, along with the upcoming "Let Me In" seems to be a pretty decent fit.

According to Heat Vision, The team-up's first effort will be a contemporary spinoff of "Let Me In" (which, as a fan of the original Swedish "Let the Right One In," I'm very cautiously optimistic about) and will be written by Marc Andreyko ("Torso," "Manhunter"). As a spinoff rather than a straight adaptation, the comic is set to expand on the film in some capacity, although details are being kept under wraps at this time.No word on an artist or an official release date yet, but I'd expect something (possibly in digital and print form) in proximity to the film's October release date.

[Via Robot 6]