Since the release of "The Dark Knight" and even well before it, we have seen how feverishly fans of the film have latched onto Christopher Nolan's vision of Gotham City from the many Heath Ledger-inspired Joker cosplayers at conventions to ridiculous music videos. But other than the go-kart Batmobile, this homemade batpod pretty much takes the cake in terms of "The Dark Knight" devotion, doesn't it?

Created by eBay user badrobot2002, this item is described as "a full scale 1:1 working replica of the famous 'Batpod' ridden by Batman in ... 'The Dark Knight,'" completely created by hand and "scaled from the original bike for superior accuracy and feel." It comes equipped with "grappling hooks, grenade launchers, and 40 caliber machine guns for those traffic jams on the freeway," though all of these weapons are thankfully non-functional.

I'm having some trouble believing that the batpod is available for $41 USD at the moment, but that appears to be the case as of this writing. For your chance to win yourself this one-of-a-king batpod, head on over to eBay.[Assistant editor's note: We recommend wearing this on the Batpod, should you win it]

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