While we typically resist the urge to publish every sneaky, blurry behind-the-scenes photos of comic book movies that so ceaselessly litter the Internet, a series of great shots by Jared Wickerham offer an uncommonly clear look at the production of The Dark Knight Rises. Specifically, the photos reveal Tom Hardy's Bane in all his costumed glory, and there are some sharp looks at Christian Bale as Batman and Marion Coitillard as well.

Presently shooting on location in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, The Dark Knight Rises is the third and final film of director Christopher Nolan's hugely popular Batman cycle. While rumors and speculation remain in full effect with respect to the film's plot, very little is actually known about what's going on in this movie beyond who's in it. Of course, Tom Hardy stars as Bane, the character who famously disabled Batman in the landmark 1990s comic book storyline "Knightfall." Created by Chuck Dixon and Graham Nolan, the character is meant to be an equal to Batman's intellect but vastly superior in terms of physical strength. His master plan to take down the Dark Knight was to release every insane criminal in Arkham Asylum at the same time, thus wearing the Batman down considerably and making Bane's victory that much easier.

The Dark Knight Rises will make the second live-action depiction of Bane, following the odious Batman and Robin. While the latter's costume was perhaps more faithful to the luchador look of Graham Nolan's original design (in the comics, Bane is a hispanic character), the Nolan version maintains the "plausible" approach of his film's costumes. Of course, much more remains to be seen.

As to why the Batmobile is painted with desert camouflage, or why Coitillar's Miranda Tate character is getting out of it, your guess is as good as ours.