The terror that flaps in the night is back! The avian-themed superhero cartoon "Darkwing Duck" -- a personal favorite from the Disney Afternoon of yore -- is heading to comics not to the Disney-owned Marvel Comics, but rather to Boom! Studios, where it will be written by Boom! editor Ian Brill and illustrated by James Silvani in a four-issue miniseries this June.

"I watch the original shows now and I'm amazed that it is so true to itself. If they wanted to do a show that's a whole parody of 'Twin Peaks' ('Twin Beaks'), they did!" Brill said. "When I watched that episode as a kid I didn't know what 'Twin Peaks' was, but I knew I was watching something cool and weird. I didn't think, 'they're referencing something I don't know...I feel left out.' I thought, 'Darkwing has to go to this weird town and Bushroot's dead husks get wrapped in plastic and thrown down a river? This was worth finishing my homework early!'

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