Hitman Monkey, Marvel's sensational new character find of 2010, is exactly what his name implies: a monkey who trained and became a hitman. He enjoys clubbing, is irresistable to women, and is one of the most effective assassins on the planet. He debuted on Marvel's Digital Comics Unlimited service (under a slightly different name) in 2009 in a one-shot origin story which saw print earlier this year. Now, Hitman Monkey is currently kicking tail in "Deadpool," putting Spider-Man through hell while trying to kill everyone's favorite (and slightly overexposed?) Merc With A Mouth.

Dave Johnson, superstar cover artist and all-around funny guy, was recently interviewed by Kevin Melrose of Robot 6. While the bulk of the interview is about his (awesome) cover work for "Abe Sapien: The Abyssal Plain," he also let slip some good news for fans of the professional primate. When asked about upcoming work, he says that he has covers coming up for "Punisher," "Unknown Soldier," and (pay attention folks) a "Hitman Monkey" three-issue miniseries.He doesn't spill the beans on a creative team for the book, but an educated guess puts Daniel Way, the man who's written every appearance of the murderous monkey thus far, behind the pen. There's a new raft of solicitations due in a week, though, so perhaps we'll see "Hitman Monkey #1" coming out in June?