Many beautiful things in this world come in black and white. Take for example The Walking Dead, Pokémon and the art of Dave Wachter. His 2011 commissions have continued to be spectacular, with Mumm-Ra, Sweetums and even more Red Skull and Batman fun joining his portfolio. Wachter knows exactly where to wash and sharpen his figures, and the requests he's received in recent months have apparently been worthy of his talents.Last year, Wachter caught our attention with his Seinfeld/DC hero mashups, and his updates at continue to amaze. Within the last month alone, he's shared Major Bludd, Braniac and Hawkeye sketches that far exceed the quality you'll get from the average Artists Alley commission.

The mass and lighting he's able to render with nothing but grayscale palettes should be envied by a lot of artists who work in full color. You'll understand our sentiments when you look at some highlights below.

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