You may recognize the name Dave Wachter from this year's list of Eisner Award nominees for Best Digital Comic, and even if you don't recognize his webcomic "The Guns of Shadow Valley," which earned him the honor, you should see some familiar faces among the Gorilla Grodd, Black Manta, Wonder Woman and Red Skull sketch cards he's made.

Wachter posts his fiercely detailed work on his DaveDrawsComics blog, and whether or not you appreciate his "Seinfeld"-infused renditions of DC superheroes, you should be able to see the effective techniques he invested into his takes on Green Lantern and Captain Cold.

It takes a knowledgeable hand to do water and the Lantern powers as fluidly as Wachter floats them into his art, and he's definitely a face you should keep an eye out for next time your looking to fill some sketchbook pages at a show. He can also draw the ever-loving stuffing out of The Thing punching Gorr the Golden Gorilla in the face, and that alone is worthy of a salute. Flip through a few of our other favorite picks from his portfolio below.

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