DC Comics may be concluding its New 52 Teen Titans series next month, but the characters live on through DC Collectibles, which will be releasing action figure versions of Wonder Girl, Superboy, Kid Flash and the newly revealed Red Robin. What's more, they've also let loose Arsenal from Red Hood and the Outlaw's wildly unique action feature -- the action figure can spin its ballcap backwards to fully embody the character's Poochie-like idiom.

The new images come from Plastic Memory, which notes that Red Robin's official solicitation info is set to surface in a few weeks. With that in mind, we can conclude that the figure will probably arrive in September.

DC's afforded us an armful of opportunities to crack jokes at his poor Roy Harper's expense over the years, but all guffaws aside, the '90s kid in me LOVES the backwards cap articulation/action feature on this DCC Arsenal feature. It's goofy and fun and feels a bit like staring in the mirror at any given moment from my childhood (minus the mask). In fact, if Hasbro doesn't steal this gimmick for an Adam-X the X-Treme action figure, I will be sorely disappointed.

You can see all of the upcoming New 52 Teen Titans and Red Hood and the Outlaws figures in the pipeline from DC Direct below.


Red Robin







[Via Plastic Memory]