Next spring, the wild world of the DC Super-Pets will finally see the addition of arguably the greatest hero to ever roam the pastures of Wayne Manor. Sure, everyone credits Ace the Bat-hound with keeping the grounds secure, but have you ever seen Ace do anything but curl up next to one of the 74 fireplaces the mansions holds? I thought not. No friends, the real hero of Gotham's green fields isn't a caped canine, but instead, caped cattle.

Bat-Cow is the hero we deserve, and thanks to DC Collectibles, he'll soon be able to keep all your other Super-Pet plushes safer than they've ever been.

After making his debut in Tiny Titans #17, Bat-Cow became such a favorite, he was then introduced in the DCU proper in Batman, Inc. (and inspired Damian Wayne to become a vegetarian). He's made several appearances in the DC Universe, but this version is based on the DC Super-Pets incarnation. The DC Super-Pets did have some animated shorts on Cartoon Network a few years ago, but mostly exist in a children's book series from Art Baltazar and Picture Window Books, where they have continued adventures in their own little world. Based on Batlazar's designs, the DC Super-Pets Plush line has been a great way for DC Collectibles to get some of these fan-favorite and often obscure characters out to the public.

Bat-Cow won't be the only Super-Pet making the jump next spring, as Harley Quinn's hyenas Giggles and Crackers will be offered as a set as well. The ghastly green incarnations have appeared in a handful of the Super-Pets stories, but it's good to see the plush line expanding to cover more of the villainous pets in the DCU. To this point, the line is heavily heroic, and more characters from both sides of the conflict give the air of an actual universe at play instead of just fun takes on existing characters.

Both Bat-Cow and the set of Harley's hyenas will be available in March 2017 for $15 each.


DC Collectibles
DC Collectibles


[An earlier version of this post attributed Bat-Cow's first appearance to Batman, Inc. when it was actually in Tiny Titans. - Ed.]