Heads up, collectors: the countdown to San Diego Comic-Con International 2013 continues, and today, DC Comics has announced the convention-exclusive covers that'll be available at their booth.

As you might expect, it's the usual suspects: Batman, Superman and the Justice League, but while there's at least one weird art choice, the Batman '66 #1 cover featuring action figures walking "up" a wall is pretty rad.First up, a gatefold triptych for Justice League #22, the kickoff of Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis's "Trinity War" storyline:

Next, Scott Snyder and Jim Lee's Superman Unchained #1 gets a new black-and-white cover that raises the question of just how Clark's supposed to hide that armored high collar under a regular ol' shirt:

For Jeff Parker and Jonathan Case's Batman '66 #1, they're working in some pretty awesome cross-promotion for the new TV-inspired action figures from Mattel:

And finally, the first part of "Zero Year" in Batman #21 by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo gets a new cover:

Well. Sort of new, anyway.

While the official description calls this a "minimalistic graphic design with a shadowy Batman in the background, it's actually just a recycled panel from 2011's Batman #4:

The exclusives will be priced at $10 each and be available at the "DC Collectibles Boutique" booth #2315 (not to be confused with the DC Entertainment Booth).

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