Square Enix's Play Arts Kai takes on the last cousins of Krypton previously showcased at SDCC have finally received a shiny coat of paint. New images of the DC Comics Variant Superman and Supergirl in all their blue, red and yellow glory have arrived, giving fans a solid (if not telescopic vision-enhanced) look at both of the 9.5" tall strange visitors from another planet.

Preorders haven't quite popped online for these figures, but with the line's version of Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and Batman estimated to arrive in November, and Flash and Batgirl arriving in the first quarter of 2014, fans can probably count on Supes and his cousin surfacing sometime in the second quarter of the new year for the usual price of around $80. If they can't wait that long, the MoS version of Supes is already on the market. Of course, he doesn't come with a sound effect base... and neither of them can quite compete with Supergirl's Final Fantasy-grade sword. Pop her on an in-scale Comet and every knight in the multiverse would probably call it quits.

You can see the Play Arts Kai DC Comics Variant Superman and Supergirl action figures below.



[Via Hidemi Matsuzuka]