Toy solicitations can be so cruel. Despite showing off a plethora of wondrous photos of future products, oftentimes these solicits are for merchandise that's almost a year away from release.

Take the recent DC Direct solicitations for August 2010, for example. Frustrating is the only word that comes to mind when I gaze upon the listed products, knowing full well that not a one of them will be in my hands until after next summer's Comic-Con International. That's just crazy!

Alright, maybe "frustrating" isn't the only word that comes to mind. Others include "wow," "want," "omg" and more, particularly in regards to the fifth series of "Blackest Night" action figures. Just look at that pure Black Lantern lineup of Batman, Nekron, Hawkman and Deadman, then come back here and tell me you aren't in complete awe.

And the Blammoids! Even ignoring the fact that this is the all-time greatest name for a series of action figures, take a look at that adorable Wildcat and that clunky Catwoman and tell me you don't want to headbutt the collective faces of DC Direct's employees for not making this entire catalogue available immediately.

Honestly, it could just be me. I have rage issues, which are especially prevalent when I can't get my much-needed toy fix.

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