Much as fans are surely enjoying new episodes of Green Lantern: The Animated Series and awaiting the start of the second season of Young Justice in April, DC Nation's creative anthology-style animated shorts have served as the glue that holds Cartoon Network's new program block together. Two series shown the weekend of the DC Nation debut will return this week with Plastic Man: The Many and the Fowl and another installment of Aardman's stop motion DC World's Funnest. Unlike the first Plas short, the hero will face a more concrete -- or rather, granite -- foe this week. It's a face those who have seen the 2006 Puddle Trouble pilot will find familiar, to boot. World's Funnest will continue to combine children's commentary and cute clay versions of Superman, Batman, the Joker and others. Check out preview clips of this weekend's new Plastic Man and Aardman DC Nation shorts after the jump.


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