Whether he's napping through a board meeting as Bruce Wayne or taking on Scarecrow in a gas mask, Batman always dresses for success. DC's The Source reminds fans of this fact with the release of all six covers from Grant Morrison and Andy Kubert's "Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne," with Bats staying sharp through the ages in multiple costumes.
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We've assembled a (rough) augmentation of the covers to demonstrate their overarching and slightly subliminal Bat insignia motif. It's a really nice touch on the part of Kubert, who carries Wayne through multiple time periods with style in his respective caveman, pilgrim, pirate, cowboy, noir detective and superhero Batsuits.

Since the initial announcement of the series back in '09, many fans have compared the dress-up dynamic of the series to Kenner's old "Legends of Batman" action figure line, which placed the Caped Crusader in period costume for Elseworlds scenarios. All I can say is that I hope DC Direct is ready to spring into action with toys upon the series' April launch.

[Take a look at all six covers after the jump]

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