As action figure packaging goes, I appreciate a quality presentation as much as the next guy, but following a quick camera phone pic for later nostalgia, the stuff only lasts as long as it takes me to rip the toys out and place them on my shelf. This stance likely won't change in the face of Mattel's new 6" DC Universe Classics "Mad Love" Joker/Harley Quinn two-pack inspired by Alex Ross' iconic "Tango with Evil" image, but it may give me pause when the set arrives in Toys "R" Us stores later this year.Initially discovered in a link posted by Jose Enrique Nieto on Mattel's Facebook page to a Taobao auction site, the images have since cropped up on a number of awestruck action figure sites. Even if the duo are more or less just slightly repainted and repackaged versions of earlier DCU toys (from waves 2 and 10), this 2-pack is still a fine opportunity to pick up either toy if you missed them in earlier lines (especially if you'd like an alternative to Joker's purple duds).

See the sweet Alex Rossy packaging below:

[Via Toynewsi]

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