As much fun as it is to fly through a videogame environment, few activities capture the weighty feeling of crimefighting like acrobatics. Until now Activision's sandbox Spider-Man games have served as one of the major staples of acrobatic travel, but footage from Sony's latest DC Universe Online video teaser seems to suggest Marvel won't have such a monopoly on superheroic agility in videogames for much longer.The new DCUO footage hosted by Creative Director Jens Andersen explains that the agility trait exemplified by Batman, Robin, Nightwing and Green Arrow in the comics is an ability any player can choose when they create their own character. This means anyone who picks up the game in 2011 can jump, flip, climb and glide just like the Justice League's fleet, fit, flightless heroes.

Acrobatic movement isn't just a method of travel, however, as its offensive capabilities allow players to best opponents with a flurry of attacks including the use of a zip line device. That's right, you'll be able to shoot foes with a grappling hook. How resourceful is that?

Sample all the acrobatic movement goodness below:

[Via DCUO]