There's no question that "DC Universe Online" looks like an incredibly visual video game experience, but if MMORPGs have one flaw, it's the fact that the story sometimes leaves something to be desired. But in an interview with Game Trailers at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles, creative director Jens Andersen explained that a lot of thought has gone into the development of the game's story - as well as the characters whose powers and personalities fill them.

"With seventy plus years of history, there's a lot of story to tell," he said. "What we do is we let people create their own characters within this universe where they're going to fight alongside these heroes and villains like Batman and Joker. Each of the stories that take place - we call them episodes - happen in Metropolis or Gotham City. They involve all different kinds of characters, everywhere from Batman and Joker to Superman and Lex Luthor, all the way down to characters like Gorilla Grodd and Doctor Psycho, some of the more obscure ones that your fanboys are going to know. They're all in there and we bring them to life. They have these really cool episodes they go on. Think of it as a three or four issue run of a comic, or a TV show that has three or four episodes that continue one after the other. They take place in the open world, where hundreds of players are coming together and working together to partake in the story."Of course, the stories of DCUO won't leave players as passive viewers. The game's new combat system is reportedly loaded with the kind of physics that will help players connect to the conflicts they engage in via the super powers they've selected.

"You're doing combos, lofting people into the air, smashing them back down on the ground and that's just a little part of it. You're actually using your superpowers as well. So if you're a gadget character like Batman or maybe you're super strong like Superman, you have all these combos of superpowers that you can use at your disposal as well so you can take down your enemies," said Andersen.

You can watch the interview yourself for more of Andersen's thoughts on "DC Universe Online," including how the game's combat system separates it from other MMORPGs currently on the market.

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