DC Universe Online players with Batcave/Fortress of Solitude envy can look forward to moving in to a secret lair of their own soon. According to DCUO, the MMO's upcoming "Home Turf" DLC pack will give both heroes and villains a place to call home and do all of their respective hero-y and villain-y things like decorate, store stuff, power new abilities, host duels and set out on missions.

Players will be able to choose whether they want their lair to exist in Gotham City or Metropolis, where its unique secret entrance is located, how it looks, and what tradable decorations its filled with. They'll also be able to invite strangers over for round-based battles and totally -- if only temporarily -- trash each other's pads. It sounds kind of like the secret bases from Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire... without the Pokémon.

Players will also be able to set off from their lairs to places like Ace Chemicals, Stryker's Island, Steelworks and Arkham Asylum for new missions. Don't get multiplayer hopes up, though, as DCUO writes "There will be daily missions for high end players at each of these locations. The content – inside and out – will be solo in nature."

The other addition to the game will come from "Mainframe" and "Generator" functionality, which seems... complicated:

Every Lair has a Mainframe that can be upgraded by the player. Mainframe upgrades give you access to incredible Lair Features – like allies and technologies – which can be used in combat throughout the game. The Mainframe abilities offer a whole new array of tactics. Players will gain passive abilities and active powers that they can bring to bear in battle. But don't worry; these abilities are handled through communication devices (trinkets), so they won't compete with your normal super power load outs.

Generators are the power that keeps a Lair running. By powering your generator you can set up amenities normally only found in HQs and Safe Houses. Once you have Home Turf, it will be up to you which amenities and how many you want to maintain in your Lair, but the options are at your fingertips.

Got it? If not, no worries, DCUO's Jens Andersen says there'll be more details released soon. For now you can scope out early images from the upcoming Home Turf DLC.

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