It may be a few weeks too late to fully ride the hubub surrounding Disney's live action "Alice in Wonderland," but Sony's "DC Universe Online" hasn't completely squandered the connection since they've added new Mad Hatter wallpaper and buddy icons to its official Web site.

Unlike some of the other characters that DCUO's posted over the past few months, there aren't currently screen shots of Jervis Tetch's costumed persona in action. Maybe his mind control technology hasn't been fully rendered yet? Or maybe the Hatter was busy critiquing Johnny Depp's film performance at his local Gotham city cineplex.

It'll be another month or so before an additional character is added to the DCUO roster of preview images, but according to the game's Facebook page, it'll be someone who uses nature to its maximum advantage. Could it be another of Batman's rogues? Poison Ivy perhaps? Or maybe...Swamp Thing? Whatever the case, we'll be waiting.