If you thought Sony Online Entertainment had run out of things to show off about DC Universe Online, think again. The developers released a new video this week highlighting one of the DC Universe's more familiar locations: the Metropolis Police Department, which serves a crucial function in the massively multiplayer role-playing game based on the DC Comics superheroes.The Metropolis Police Department is one of several "safe houses" to be found in the world of DC Universe Online. Located in the center of the iconic city, the MPD is a hub of important information and commerce necessary to advance through the game. There, you can congregate with other players and DC superheroes, purchase upgrades, and learn information from the interactive "wanted" posters, such as where to find your enemies and how to defeat them. The Metropolis Police Department also serves as a gateway to other locations within the game.

Think of it like those caves in The Legend of Zelda games, only a really big cave with everything you need in one place that's a whole lot easier to find and not populated only by cranky old hermits and cryptic old crones. Unless you count Dan Turpin and Maggie Sawyer -- which you'd better not.

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