It's Girl Week here at Comics Alliance, and while I'm not sure that newly minted DC Entertainment co-publisher Jim Lee is aware of that fact, he nonetheless contributed to the party with his latest design work for "DC Universe Online," the upcoming MMORPG featuring the heroes and villains of the DC Universe.

On Friday, the game's official Facebook page revealed information about Power Girl, one of the many characters featured in "DC Universe Online." Additionally, the game's developers have released some in-game images of Power Girl through new wallpaper and buddy icons for AIM. The character was designed by Lee, as are all of the characters featured in "DC Universe Online."

As for upcoming character revelations, the "DC Universe Online" homepage teases that they're "feeling a little bad" for the month of March, and the next character is to blame. Sounds like Mad Hatter to me, but it could always be a super powerful college basketball star.

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