We've known for awhile now that the Metropolis in Sony's DC Universe Online MMORPG was going to live up to its name with a sprawling landscape fit for thousands of heroes and villains to inhabit, and the publisher's latest reveal of city's Tomorrow District just drives the point home. Populated by Star Labs and other futuristic skyscrapers and facilities, this particular corner of town should prove a hub of activity for players into the sci-fi side of the DCU.Hosted by DCUO Game Director Chris Cao, Sony's latest Travelogue featurette takes viewers through Star Labs and makes it clear that even though their often overzealous experiments can result in messes for heroic characters to clean up, ultimately their work as a force for good will benefit players who want to capitalize upon for tech upgrades and other valuable in-game assets.

Plus, fighting villains while scientists scurry in a panic? Totally awesome!

Check out the video below:

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