Sony's "DC Universe Online" seems to get a little bigger all the time and considering its version of Metropolis will boast more than 1,000 square city blocks - that's saying a lot. This week DCUO previewed a portion of that cyber expanse with a look at Metropolis' Little Bohemia district and the results look pretty impressive.

With a map that includes the science-tastic University of Metropolis and the Coney Islandish Queensland Boardwalk there seems to be a science and entertainment bent ripe for activity. DCUO's vid provides at least three potential in-game scenarios players might encounter, including Gorilla Grodd devolving humans, HIVE stealing technology and Lex Luthor being a bald bully.

I'm no Metropolis expert, so I confess to only passing knowledge of these areas in the context of DC Comics lore, but from a casual gaming standpoint, they seem to look pretty snazzy.

Check out DCU Online's preview video after the jump.

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