It looks like Wade Wilson will be sporting some updated combat attire as he faces down an assortment of deadly monsters (and perhaps a chimichanga or two) in Deadpool #1 this November. In interviews with Marvel and IGN, new creative team Brian Posehn, Gerry Duggan and Tony Moore (alongside a cover by Geof Darrow) shed official new light on their plans for the Merc With a Mouth in the Marvel Now! relaunch, which will see DP working for S.H.I.E.L.D. and slaying zombified American Presidents, what appears to be a kitten-eating kaiju, and other targets.Duggan elaborated on their opening arc at explaining, "It starts with a man who has decided that America has a lot of problems that can only be fixed by bringing back our former leaders, our great American Presidents. But that's not how it works out. Once they're back, they have a completely different idea of what they need to do and what the country needs. It's a distasteful job having to send our presidents back, but Deadpool is up for the job and is suited for it. They're not equal in terms of their planning, but in their own way they have returned corrupted. We think it's going to be a very fun first story that leads to other funny stories."

Speaking of "leading to other funny stories," Posehn and Duggan are planning to stay on the series for the long haul despite their busy careers in comedy and television and are already working on the next arc of the book, with a focus on advancing the character through fresh stories while staying mindful of the past.

"We love that stuff, going back to Joe Kelly [and] Gail Simone's runs and obviously Daniel Way. All of that is canon and we won't be rebooting it. We give him a nice star entrance in the first issue, and hopefully what comes across is our love of the character and that material. We're very happy and the one thing we tried to keep in mind was that it's a new #1 and hopefully it's the chance for a person to pick up their first Deadpool comic," Duggan told Marvel.

For Moore's part, the artist says he'll be working on the book as long as he can. However long his role as artist on the new DP run lasts, however, he'll have left a mark with his new costume design for the Rob Liefeld creation. "I tried to wrap my head around the character [and] his design and tried to have it make sense to me. Since it's a #1 I wanted to give him a fresh take. I tried to streamline things a little bit but not take away the things I loved about Deadpool anyway. While I added more black to his costume and made his tactical gear more in tune with the stuff I'm familiar with, I didn't abandon those Liefeld-ian pouches. I actually brought some back. He has the leg pouches!"

You can see the full image of Darrow's Deadpool #1 below.

[Via IGN, Marvel]

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