The second volume of Dean Koontz's "Frankenstein: Prodigal Son" is headed to stores in July, bringing a reimagined Frankenstein and his monster back to comics for another round of...being handsome?

Here's the official synopsis of "Dean Koontz' Frankenstein: Prodigal Son" Vol. 2 #1:

In the story, Detectives O'Conner and Maddison delve deeper into the mysterious life of Victor Helios, trying to uncover his ultimate goal. Members of Victor's "New Race" begin to show that they are not as perfect as planned. Randall Six continues his quest to escape from Hands of Mercy, as Officer Harker descends further into madness. And Erika Helios discovers some of her husbands' unfinished creations.

Co-written by Koontz and Chuck Dixon, with art by Scott Cohn, this second volume picks up where the last arc left off. "Prodigal Son" is the first in a trilogy of Frankenstein novels by Koontz, meaning this comic series is part of a bigger story featuring a more contemporary cast of characters then one might expect. For example, this monster was handsome until he attacked his creator and a bomb destroyed half of his face. Plus, he can teleport!

The timing of the release seems fairly apt considering the franchise is currently being developed for feature film projects in Hollywood and the first novel of Koontz's second Frankenstein trilogy, "Lost Souls" is expected in June.

For a primer on the first volume (previously under Dabel Bros.) you can check out this YouTube trailer:

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