Steve Niles has made something of a career in comics out of figuring out interesting new ways to let vampires just hang out all the time without being boxed in by those pesky fatal sunburns that come from daylight. His breakout hit was, after all, 30 Days of Night alongside Ben Templesmith, a book that was built entirely around that premise and resulted in a pretty fun read. But once you've gone there, you're left with a question of where to go that's even bigger. For Niles and Nat Jones, the answer is clear: You nuke the moon.

That, at least, is the premise of Broken Moon, the next book out from the publishers of Famous Monsters, and while they had my attention with "nuclear armageddon on the moon," they really got me when they mentioned that Frankenstein was showing up.

Seriously, here's the official description:

After the world's superpowers go nuclear on one another's lunar mining colonies, destroying much of the moon, the human population of earth is largely wiped out in the ensuing natural disasters. In the wake of humanity's near extinction, the monsters that had been banished to the shadows have risen up and seized power. The kingdom of vampires thrives under the cover of nuclear winter on the east coast. The werewolves live like nomad outlaws, prowling the plains of the west. And in the north, Dr. Frankenstein and his army of the re-animated wait. But while an uneasy truce has existed for decades, the clouds are beginning to recede, threatening the vampires and their dominion. War is coming.

And the first few pages:






Broken Moon #1 will be out in October from American Gothic Press.