If you're not already reading it, then you should probably know that Steve Niles and Nat JonesBroken Moon is a comic that started with the premise of the moon getting obliterated by nuclear weapons, and somehow just keeps getting more and more over the top from there. Witness, for example, the penultimate issue of the saga, where the post-apocalyptic war between vampires and werewolves brings in the leader of its third faction: Dr. Victor Frankenstein.

Unfortunately for the humans and werewolves who are interested in not being turned into dinner in a the nightmarish post-lunar-nuclear hellscape, Dr. Frankenstein isn't exactly the helpful type. And to see exactly how unhelpful he can be, check out a few pages below!




The idea of Dr. Frankenstein becoming more and more remote and uncaring for humanity after a century of experiments on how to conquer death is compelling, although I'm mainly curious about he managed to pull off those signature Frankenstein surgeries on his own head.

Here's the solicitation for this week's issue if you need more information:


Broken Moon #3 (of 4)
It's the penultimate issue until the final showdown of Vampires, Frankenstein's Monsters, and Werewolves in Steve Niles & Nat Jones' epic horror comic. With all the action and gruesome twists in this third issue, the wait for issue four will leave readers in agony and begging for more!
In dire need of an army, werewolves and humans searched for Frankenstein—and found him… in a city alongside scores of other patchwork people he’s sewn up along the way. But this mad, broken doctor is only interested in experimenting—quite possibly on Rantz’s and Avery’s friends—and it will take a dangerous journey to the Vampire City to convince him that the destruction of the world is at hand.


Broken Moon #3 is out now from American Gothic Press.


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