If Derek Charm enchanted you with his webcomic "Blood and Glitter," it's highly likely that his sketch library of Cylons and DC Comics characters will sprinkle some fairy dust on your brain's geek receptors as well. Yes, he can draw Grant Morrison's Seven Soldiers to look like they just walked out of a Hanna-Barbera cartoon; but his DC love goes even further-like weird Legion character further.
Charm has helped to fill the world's void of Arm-Fall-Off-Boy and Solaris the Tyrant Sun tribute artwork on his blog at DerekCharm.com. (One of those pieces is slightly less absurd-looking than the other one, by the way.) His artwork is seriously good, though. In fact, his Swamp Thing is beautiful enough to put in a vase in the middle of your dining table.

His color choices are dead-on perfect in each of these pieces, which capture characters that many other artists might have left in their back-issue bins. But we are proud to point you in his general direction and share in his Legion celebration.

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