Barbarian fans are typically hip to the bare-chested antics of Conan, Kull and even He-Man, but Derek Charm's Paragaul of Spelndora from Top Shelf 2.0's latest Webcomic short "Blood & Glitter," stands out from the pack with one of the most...unorthodox...missions of most any savage warrior.

Fans of sword and sorcery comics will find plenty to love within the story's five pages. Charm's kinetic cartooning conveys a wide range of emotions as a wandering warrior confronts a roving pack of thieves on a twofold mission to reunite young brothers and reclaim his lost inspiration.

What kind of person, object or abstract concept could inspire such might? That's up to you to find out by reading Charm's full story over at Top Shelf 2.0. Charm's storytelling really doesn't need a gimmick to grab your attention, but if you're a pop culture junkie, you'll likely dig what you uncover.
[Via Topshelf 2.0]