The digital comics market expanded hugely in 2011, accounting for $25 million in sales -- three times more than in 2010. ICv2 credits the strong performance to the DC Comics relaunch, the standardization of same-day digital delivery, and to the proliferation and diversification of devices on which to read digital comics such as the iPad and various Android products.At ICv2's Comics and Digital Conference in 2010, CEO Milton Griepp presented his annual white paper preview -- detailing the overall sales and trends in the comic and graphic novel industry -- which suggested that 2011 would be a strong year for digital. "[Digital comics are] the fastest-growing part of the comics business," said Griepp at the time. The digital market was $500,000 market in 2009, $8 million in 2010, and made a massive jump to $25 million last year.

In addition to the above factors, ICv2 noted that comiXology's partnering with traditional retailers also contributed to the growth of the digital market in 2011.

Presently accounting for just a single-digit sliver of the overal comics and graphic novel business (including sales beyond the direct market), digital sales are expected to take a solid 10% chunk out of 2012.