I'm not going to lie, guys: I love dinosaurs. And not just the kind that were created by Jack Kirby or spend their days talking about Batman, either, although those have certainly been my favorites.

Today, though, they've got some competition from artist David Resto, and a series of pieces that re-imagine Marvel's greatest super-heroes as different dinosaurs. That's not just like someone getting chocolate in my peanut butter, it's like they did that and then gave it to me wrapped in money.

Clearly, this needs to be the basis of the next major Marvel crossover -- I've been wanting to write a story about Spider-Man as a dinosaur for years -- but until that time finally comes, we've got all of Resto's amazing Avengersaurs after the jump!The leader of the Avengersaurs is, of course, Captain Ameritops, who incorporates the design of Cap's shield into the frill around his head:

It's not exactly the kind of "shield" you can throw at an enemy, but when you're a super-soldier-saurus charging down Naziraptors, you don't really need to throw things.

Next up, Iron Brontosaurus:

Despite his large size and fearsome repulsor rays, the Iron Brontosaurus was a herbivore, subsisting on a diet of barley, hops and malt.

And rounding out the big three of the Avengers, it's The Mighty AnkyloTHORus:

He's easily one of my favorites. Replacing the Ankylosaurus's tail-spikes with a tail-hammer is pretty much genius.

Resto's work isn't limited to just the Avengers, though; he's also started in on the X-Men, including PteranoStorm:

As well as Stegolossus, who has the best name ever:

And of course, no team would be complete without Wolveraptor:

That one is pretty much perfect, as "short but vicious" is a pretty accurate description there.

Far and way my favorite of the bunch, though, is Hulkasaurus Rex...

...if only for the chicken-sized Compsognathus in a lab coat standing in as the dinosaur version of Bruce Banner.

Resto has more on the way -- including, believe it or not, a promised version of Gambit -- so keep an eye on his website for more!

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