The other night at the Golden Globes, former Spider-Man Tobey Maguire teased that he might know who the director to replace Sam Raimi on the Spidey film franchise at Sony would be. Naturally, but this afternoon rumors began circulating that the director had been found and that it'd be "(500) Days of Summer"'s Marc Webb.

Well, now it's official, Spidey fans. Webb's really doing it and things are going to be moving pretty much full-speed ahead beginning later this year. Perhaps the bigger story here, however, is that Webb's last name is one "b" different than "web," which is what Spider-Man, and actual spiders alike secrete for many arachnidish purposes. Spider-Man, for example, uses it to swing around New York and to make J. Jonah Jameson stop talking.

So, why hasn't the mainstream media taken the pun bait? The announcement has been making the rounds now for hours!

As comic artist Kyle Strahm pointed out earlier on Twitter, maybe the media's just lost its spider-sense of fun. As I skim through my bombardment of Google alerts tonight, I long to be proven wrong.

UPDATE: Thank you Los Angeles Times!