With a name as audacious as D.I.S.CO. Destroyer you've really got to deliver the kind of insanity and style conjured up by that combination of letters. Rest assured that cartoonist and illustrator Jim Mahfood, comics and animation writer Joe Casey and film producer Scott Mosier have turned in something that lives up the title, a beautifully designed, senses-assaulting animated project for MTV"s revival of the great Liquid Television about a hot-rodding rocker and his race against Heaven and Hell for the fate of mankind.

WARNING: The following video may be considered NSFW.




As explained by smooth-talking narrator Solomon Zulu (DJ at KFX Pirate Radio), Judah Freeman is the aforementioned freedom driver whose prodigious skillz behind the wheel attract the attention of the Devil himself. But Judah naturally refuses to ride with Satan, and It takes 100 bullets for the dark one's minions to take Judah down and prepare him for the implantation of a bogus eight-track disco tape that would transform his corpse into a demon in satan's cruel organization -- or D.I.S.C.O. -- destroyer. Fortunately, Judah's amazing girlfriend is Summer Glo an ass-kicking, gun-toting, pole-dancing killer who rescues and revives her man like a funky Frankenstein with some kind of righteous eight-track, which she inserts into the deck the devil embedded in Judah's chest.

It's at this point that William B. Goode, an angel who dresses like a pimp, shows up and offers Judah a chance to drive for the Lord. But as Zulu explains, why do that when you can just chill out and watch TV and get drunk with a sweet eight-track in your chest? Judah tells God's agent to GTFO.

Things are looking grim for the couch potato Judah when Summer announces that she's pregnant! "And it's yours, motherf***er!" Oh snap, right? Inspired by his impending fatherhood, Judah pledges to race against both the devil and the angels to keep the world free for his unborn rocker child.


The second episode introduces the first obstacle in Judah and Summer's way: a missing hood ornament. Unfortunately the replacement is in the hands of Judah's jealous ex-girlfriend Holly Roller (get it?), with whom Summer is ready to have some words in what predictably turns into a catfight that's really way too cliché but yet inescapably entertaining in Mahfood's wild, graffiti-inspired style. Also there's a gang of glam rockers called the Ziggies (get it?).

Most recently of Everybody Loves Tank Girl and the artist of numerous other comics and countless illustrations, Mahfood is a longtime fave whose work translates well to animation. D.I.S.C.O. Destroyer is co-created with Joe Casey, whose recent credits include Gødland, Catalyst Comix and Sex; and Scott Mosier, best known as for producing the films of Kevin Smith and has a previous connection to Mahfood via the first Clerks comic book in 1998.

New episodes of D.I.S.C.O. Destroyer will be available on Hulu and iTunes.

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