As Ric Flair always said, "Space Mountain may be the oldest ride in the park, but it still has the longest line."

Perhaps the Nature Boy's wisdom is why Disney has chosen the ride to be the basis for a trilogy of graphic novels written by Bryan Q. Miller and illustrated by Kelley Jones and Hi-Fi Design, the first of which will hit in May 6, 2014.

The books will be published under the Disney Comics banner, not Marvel's new Disney Kingdom's imprint like Seekers of the Weird. Here's a quick synopsis:

The year is 2125 and the Magellan Science Academy has given two lucky cadets ‘golden tickets’ to join a team of space explorers on a special field trip to journey 24 hours into the future. But when their mission goes unexpectedly wrong, the two kids must band together with a miniature flying saucer sidekick to save themselves and their crew — and return to Space Mountain — before time runs out and the universe is destroyed!

The first book, titled simply Space Mountain, will be 176 full-color pages. The next two installments, Return to Space Mountain and Battle for Space Mountain, will come out in 2015 and 2016, respectively.


Space Mountain Comic Cover


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