While Marvel characters are still gradually making their way into Disney themeparks, it seems that an unfinished Disney attraction is spinning off into a 5-issue series via Marvel's new Disney Kingdom's imprint - and it's just the first of potentially many to make the jump. Inside the Magic reports that Seekers of the Weird #1 by writer Brandon Seifert (Witch Doctor) and artist Karl Moline (Avengers Arena) will launch in January and tell a story inspired by Imagineer Rolly Crump's never built “Museum of the Weird” attraction that would've served as a kind of supernatural relic-filled add-on to The Haunted Mansion circa 1965.

The new comic itself will follow two teens thrust into the Museum of the Weird who team with their adventurer uncle in a race to save not only their kidnapped parents, but also the world from an evil secret society.

In addition to Moline's interior art, Seekers of the Weird will feature covers by Mike del Mundo (X-Men: Legacy) and a variant cover by current Walt Disney Imagineer Brian Crosby.

More details about the Disney Kingdoms imprint and Seekers of the Weird are expected to be announced this week during New York Comic Con... hopefully about a comic starring the mystery water that boats float on during It's A Small World.


Disney Kingdoms Seekers of the Weird Cover



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