Local and national comics talent galore showed up in full force this past weekend at Stumptown Comics Fest 2012 in Portland, Ore. with fans arriving with equal fervor to scope out the latest graphic novels, indie titles, art prints and other wares sold by their favorite creators. ComicsAlliance was on hand Saturday to explore the show's floor and capture its tone from table-to-table. From the looks of things, everyone was on a vitamin D high following two days of sunny weather in the usually (if endearingly) overcast city. Take in a selection of shots of creators from Stumptown after the jump.
Ron Chan

Erika Moen and Jeff Parker

Natalie Nourigat

Terry Blas

Emi Lenox

Joëlle Jones

Matthew Southworth

Katie Lane and Dylan Meconis

Steve Lieber

Brian Hurtt

Dalton Rose

Jonathan Case

Nate Powell

Patric Reynolds

Batton Lash

Stan Sakai

Jamie S. Rich

Kat Roberts and Michel Fiffe

Brandon Seifert

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