Marvel has announced the release of a new parody one-shot: "Who Won't Wield the Shield," with stories by Matt Fraction, Jason Aaron, and Stuart Moore. The standout seems to be the Fraction story, which has art by Brendan McCarthy ("Spider-Man: Fever") and stars "Dr. Stephen Rogers, transformed by the Super-Satan formula into the pentagram-bespangled sentinel of the arcane, Doctor America."

More Parody: I had no idea "The Babysitter's Club" could be so dirty (or NSFW), but thanks to Julia Wertz and Johnny Ryan, I'll never think of "The Truth About Stacey" the same way again. [Via Flog]

Previews: The "Phonogram: Singles Club" trade paperback collection by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie is out today, and it is excellent. Check out the first chapter, now online for free.

Video: The trailer for the upcoming "Iron Man: Extremis" motion comic is out, and if it is any indication, "Extremis" will continue to perpetuate the most frustrating thing about motion comics: That they look and sound and feel the best when they are closer to simply being either comics or animation, and awkward when they try to straddle the line between the two.

Cameron Stewart has some pretty sweet sketches of Cowboy Batman from the upcoming Wild West issue of "Return of Bruce Wayne."

Manga: Good news: Now you can read your stolen manga on the go! [via Journalista]

Anatomy: Super Punch gives Gabriele Dell'Otto a special award for respecting the physical possibilities of the human form, in contrast to several of the recently announced Marvel covers where breasts float like magical, distended orbs in front of bodies. Listen, we're not knocking boobies, but maybe there's something to be said for more closely simulating how they exist in real life and are actually attached to the body?

Robots: Japan, have you learned nothing from your long history of giant robots? Never, ever, ever give them lightsabers.

Movies: An international "Iron Man 2" poster is out. It looks like this:

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