Man, when Victor Von Doom isn't punching one armored avenger, he's punching another. Following a relatively recent (well, before "Secret Invasion" anyway) battle across time with Tony Stark, it looks like the mad doctor has found reason to feud with his "Dark Reign" co-conspirator Norman Osborn.

Marvel has new cover images from December's upcoming battle by Brian Michael Bendis, Michael Lark and David Finch, which show Norman Osborn in his Iron Patriot armor engaging in some serious-looking fisticuffs with the leader of Latveria.

Readers might not have too much trouble with the idea of confederated villains turning on each other. After all, Marvel's heroes rarely get along for more than a few panels.

Interestingly, Doom and Osborn's pal Loki seems to be in the thick of the battle as well, meaning Asgard's temporary base of operations in Doom's country must be threatened (although Latveria was sort of wiped out recently, right?).

Whatever the case, the armor-based battle should merit plenty of cool metallic sound effects. We could all use more "Klangs!" and "Gonks!" don't you think?

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