Covered in a felty fur, the perpetually agape Domo may not come off as an edible kind of monster, but where there's a craving, there's a recipe. Despite broad fan fervor for the cute brick of love, everyone from bento boxers to cookie connoisseurs seem to want a piece of one of Japan's cutest stop-motion animated exports.

Justjenrecipes has what might be the meatiest recipe for the egg-hatched creature, however, adding an edible face to miniature meatloaves fit for younglings and adults alike.

Essentially, the recipe calls for would-be-chefs to top a small meatloaf patties with black olives, red peppers and white cheddar, but I suspect there's a healthy helping of love in the mix as well.

Vegetarians and vegans needn't feel left out either, as it'd probably be simple enough to substitute the meat patty and cheddar with meatl/diary-free alternatives for a similar effect.

Domo for everybody![Via Twitter @Kevin_Church]

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