Continuing its San Diego Comic-Con exclusive rollout, Funko has revealed a slew of new Wacky Wobbler and Pop! Vinyl figures that fans of DC Comics and Masters of the Universe (and... Disco?) may be eager to see at its booth. Next week Funkophiles can get their hands on the Metallic Skeletor Wacky Wobbler, Metallic Batman '66 Wacky Wobbler, Metallic Domo Batman, Domo Man of Steel, Black Suit Man of Steel, Disco Skeletor and Bloody Rorschach.

Of the bunch, Skeletor's metal and disco forms catch my eye the most. It's not that I don't dig Domo and the others, it's just hard to argue with making Eternia's biggest jerk even more fun to look at.

You can find all seven of these exclusives, plus the rest of Funko's SDCC 2013 offerings, starting July 18 at Funko Booth #5343.


Metallic Skeletor Wacky Wobbler

Metallic Batman '66 Wacky Wobbler

Metallic Domo Batman

Domo Man of Steel

Black Suit Man of Steel

Disco Skeletor

Bloody Rorschach

[Via Funko]