Gaming: Apparently Thor's hammer, Mjolnir, is an easter egg in the newly-released Call of Duty: Black Ops II. [Kotaku]

Radio: If you listen to syndicated radio shows like "Fox Sports", "Jim Rome," "Nikki Sixx", "Petros & Money" and "Opie & Anthony," expect to hear Marvel NOW! promos in the immediate future. [Marvel]

Gaming: Telltale Games examines the decisions players made in The Walking Dead video game Episode 4, "Around Every Corner." Spoiler warning if you haven't played this chapter yet. It gets... intense. [Telltale Games]

Lists: The comic book and graphic novel portion of Amazon's "2012 Best Books Of The Year" list is pretty legit, depending on your tastes. [Robot6]

Food: In conjunction with the new One Piece movie, One Piece Film Z, there's a new cookbook featuring some of Straw Hat cook Sanji's recipes. [Crunchyroll]

Toys: Art Asylum has announced the winners of its Marvel Minimates Series 50 Fan Poll, with characters like Cyborg Spider-Man, Songbird Onslaught among its winners. [AA]

Toys: Not content to merely win Mattel's Masters of the Universe 30th Anniversary Create-A-Character Contest with his Castle Grayskullman design, Daniel Benedict has also created a commercial for the figure. [Topless Robot]

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