Well, given the recent proliferation of on-set photographs of someone who is not Donald Glover in a Spider-Man costume shooting a new Spider-Man movie, we're slowly resigning to the reality that Donald Glover probably isn't playing Spider-Man in a new Spider-Man movie. Our hopes were cruelly ignited last year when Glover - beloved for his work as a writer on 30 Rock and as a cast member of Community - announced that he wished to audition for the role of Peter Parker in director Marc Webb's reboot of the Spider-Man cinematic franchise, but it seems certain that the dream is dead.

Now for the first time on video, Glover details the saga of his quest to become Marvel Comics' legendary wall-crawler, the fan support behind him, the hilariously racist reactions against him, and what his reaction was to the question, "What if Michael Cera played Shaft?"

WARNING: Video contains not-safe-for-work language.

UPDATE: Donald Glover asked the owners of this video, Film From the Future Productions, to take the video down. For the moment, you can still see the clip at their Facebook page.

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