I haven't actually watched DragonBall Z since high school, but I'll admit that I still have a tiny soft spot for Akira Toriyama's long-running story of dudes shouting at and occasionally punching each other. As a result, I got a kick out of this fan-made "trailer" based on DBZ's Saiyan Saga, which actually looks a hell of a lot better than the trailer for the actual live-action DragonBall movie that was out for five minutes in 2009. Then again, most things in the world look better than that.

But don't let that faint praise give you the wrong idea! Harry and George Kirby's five-minute film is awesome, and combines two of the things I love most: Cosplay and violence. Check it out after the cut!

I will say, as enjoyable as this was to watch, there is one pretty notable flaw. It skips over everyone's favorite moment from DragonBall Z, the part about whether or not Goku's power level is over a certain number.

That said, this dude's performance as Krillin at the 2:32 mark basically makes up for it:

That dude is fantastic.

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